Wellness Buffs


Nutritionist / Certified Fitness Instructor

Laura has over 12 years experience, which includes working with some amazing organizations... like the Google Food Team, Culinary Institute of America, US Marine Corp, US Department of Defense and the 1st Ladies of Football for the Washington Football Team in DC. With these organizations she's helped transform the science of nutrition into accessible bites and digestible solutions to optimize athletes and life enthusiasts performance. Laura has earned two master's degrees (‘cause why get only one, you know?) in Public Health and Nutrition. She also is a group fitness instructor with a background in Barre, Boxing and Dance.


Instructor / Certified Personal Trainer-NASM
TRX Certified Instructor

Lara was born and raised in San Francisco and has dedicated her career to helping people pursue their best health. She became a personal trainer out of her love for fitness and teaching. Her primary goal is to help people work smarter, not just harder. You’ll find her incorporating combinations of TRX, core, and corrective exercise techniques into her workouts. She loves coaching her clients to a place where they can genuinely enjoy their personalized fitness journey.

Lara is an academic healthcare junkie. She holds degrees in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCSD and in Epidemiology from Columbia University. She is Co-Founder of The Better Lab, a health services research lab at UCSF that uses human-centered design to improve healthcare delivery at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

In rare moments when she isn’t thinking about healthcare or fitness, you’ll reliably find her around the corner from The Boombox drinking the wine du jour at Fig & Thistle Market, playing tennis at Dolores Park, or watching the Giants play baseball.

Dr. Michaela Falkner, N.D

Integrative General Medicine

Dr. Michaela Falkner is an integrative general medicine doctor with a focus on complex cases and autoimmunity. She received her ND from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, Arizona. After completing her degree program, she was selected as one of five national candidates to complete a prestigious general medicine residency at SCNM. During both her degree program and residency, she focused much of her education on caring for complex cases and autoimmune diseases.

After completion of her residency, Dr. Falkner moved into the Bay Area to start practice. Much of her practice continued to be focused on autoimmunity and chronic illness, but she also gained much experience in the optimization of hormones for thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone dysfunction, as well as literacy in digestive health. She often takes a multipronged approach in healing the gastrointestinal system, modulating the immune system, and symptom management. She is trained in various methods of ozone application for joint inflammation, immune modulation, and pain management. She also is certified in IV therapies and Neuro-emotional Technique (NET). She currently holds licenses in both California and Arizona.


Instructor / Certified Personal Trainer-NASM
Mobility Specialist

Daivya decided years ago to dedicate her life to health, wellness and fitness. Her experience in personal training has helped her develop effective program designs that guarantee client results.  

After graduating with an Exercise Science degree from Heritage College in Denver Colorado, Daivya began to explore new and old methods in holistic health—specifically in movement and flexibility. When she’s not training at The Boombox, you can find Daivya playing the cello, eating breakfast burritos or jump roping….you know, for fun.

Alex Mogannam

Founder / Co-Owner
Instructor / Certified Personal Trainer-NASM

At age 16, Alexandra started her fitness journey at as a client. Through her sessions with her trainer, she found a passion for wellness and started her career at 19. In 2012, she started Dynamo Fitness--an in-home private training service. After 5 years the business outgrew itself at which point she decided to open a studio in her hometown of San Francisco, creating a warm and intimate space with a sense of humor. Her dream was to create a studio inspired by her clients but inclusive to all—with plenty of dance breaks.  

Alex specializes in weight, functional, and high-intensity interval training. She's worked with athletes, weight loss clients, teens, and seniors. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, cooking, photoshoots with her dog, hiking, and karaoke at The Mint. You can catch her in the studio creating playlists and designing workouts for your sweating pleasure.

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