A Way of Life
Laura Dotson, MS-MPH, CWC
November 22, 2020

It’s very hard… not to overeat! Our culture is set up to encourage you to eat more. Why? Dollar, Dollar, Bills Y'all - dieting is a huge money market. What industry or organization benefits if we eat healthier foods or are skinny? Can you think of 1?  Instead, we are constantly bombarded by numerous diet programs, instagram models, promises of magic pills and more. With all this information beaming into your frontal cortex, it's no wonder we are stressed when it comes to dieting.

The word diet comes from the Latin word - diaeta - meaning  “a way of life.” Isn’t that nice? Eating is an instinct. When you were born you knew how to breastfeed. No one taught you… it just simply came natural. Even as an adult, your body knows what it needs. It doesn’t need a calorie calculator - it’s beautifully made with hormones that signal when you are hungry and full. It also knows how many nutrients you need and what to poop out. Regardless, dieting culture has created this noise in our head - to not listen. Sometimes it’s a pesky whisper and other times it’s a shout.

At BB we’re not here to preach. But we do want to offer you a different way of thinking and talking about food vs dieting - to quiet the noise and reduce your unneeded stress. Below are a few ways to start shifting your mindset about dieting and trusting your body.

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